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Sixteen year Spring Trails Home Owner, proudly serving the Community


Spring, Texas 77386, United States

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Service provided by ST Recycle.

Recyclable Items

  · Aluminum

  · Beverage and some food cans.

· Please rinse all cans.

· Paper products  

· Cereal, cracker & corrugated boxes; paper cores, junk mail, office & school paper.

· Newspaper, magazines & phonebooks.

· Please break down all cardboard boxes.

· Plastics

• Any recycle numbered plastic containers.

• Please remove all caps and rinse each container.

· Mixed metals

  · Tin cans, brass, copper, etc.

· Glass

Non-recyclable Items


· No Plastic grocery sacks - most grocery stores take them

· No Styrofoam

· No Pizza boxes or containers with food products stuck to them

Note: Please remove tops from plastic containers & products and rinse out to remove food or drink that will attract pests. Items will not be accepted in plastic bags or grocery bags that are not see through. You may use a second container (rather than a plastic bag) if one container is not big enough to contain all of your recyclable items.

Pickup is every Thursday. Recycle containers should be placed at curbside by 7:00 AM.